Head of Department

Dear All

It is my pleasure to welcome you today to the Department of Pharmacy at Al-Safwa University College. Welcome, we are honored by your presence and delighted with your visit.

The Pharmacy Department is one of the important departments at Al-Safwa University College. Established in 2012, it began its academic journey confidently and has now become a scientific beacon in the holy city of Karbala. It has graduated four batches of distinguished pharmacists who have played a significant role in serving the community and its healthcare institutions.

The Pharmacy Department comprises a distinguished constellation of pharmacy professors and other specialties who have obtained their degrees from reputable Iraqi and foreign universities. Despite its recent establishment, the department ranks among the top private universities globally, and it has consistently achieved top positions in competitive exams such as the “Risana” exams conducted in previous years.

This is the reality, but although it is commendable, our ambitions remain high. We strive to climb the ladder of success to higher degrees by updating curricula, providing modern educational resources, establishing more infrastructure with robust facilities, supplying scientific equipment for students and researchers, establishing relationships with local and international institutions, encouraging research and publication, and organizing conferences, seminars, and scientific activities.

We must answer an important question: Why Karbala? Some may wonder about the reason for choosing this city. In fact, Karbala has unique strengths: its distinguished geographical location in the heart of the Euphrates, midway between the capital and the beloved south, in addition to its unique location from the heavens as it is a spot from the paradise where the fragrance of sacrifice and dedication emanates from the shrine of the Master of Martyrs and his brother, the symbol of loyalty… peace be upon them both.

Finally, I thank you for visiting the website of the Pharmacy Department, and I hope to see you in one of the department’s scientific events and activities.

Best regard,

Dr. Hussam Tazkam

Pharmacy/Pharmacology Doctorate

Head of the Pharmacy Department