Study of a modern Dutch study eating eggs makes you more generous

A recent Dutch study has shown that eating eggs can make humans more generous. The amino acid tryptophan found in eggs can change behavior for the better. Researchers from the University of London found in their experiments that consuming a small amount of tryptophan – equal to the quantity in 3 eggs – doubles the amount of money donated by donors for charitable work.   
According to the British Daily Mail, the researchers said that eggs and other foods such as fish and dairy are rich in Baltrbetovan, an amino acid that transforms into the body into serotonin called “happiness hormone”.   
The researchers pointed out that their study is the first to demonstrate that donating to good deeds can increase through the foods associated with serotonin. The researchers conducted an experiment on 32 men and women, half of whom took drugs containing dietary supplements for tryptophan, and then gave researchers to each volunteer $25, 11 and asked whether they wanted to donate part of that amount to charity or not.   
When the researchers calculated the amounts donated, they found that those who had taken tryptophan supplementation on average donated $15, while those who did not take those supplements contributed about half the amount.